Hybrid battery safety in three forms

Safety first!

We work hard at keeping our customers and team safe. Here are three things we do:

(1) Plug and play batteries. Our batteries come fully assembled with all the components required to replace a faulty battery. That means the mechanic does not need to open the battery enclosure and reconnect the fan or ECU. Everything is ready to be bolted into the vehicle - it's quick and it's safe!

(2) Reusable transport case. Our batteries are shipped in reusable transport cases that protect the battery from damage in transit. We know roads have bumps and we want to make sure the people who ship our batteries all over Australia are safe at all times. That's where our transport cases come. We safely strap the battery into place, so it can't go anyway and everything is contained in the case. The old battery is shipped back to us in the same case and we keep on using it over and over again. Our circular economy in action. 

(3) Proper gear. Having the right equipment is important. Our team are very aware of the potential dangers of working with high-voltage components like EV batteries. Our procedures are designed to manage any risks and we make sure the team have the right tools to get the job done. Here's an example of some of the tools we use.