5 Rapidly Emerging Trends in Battery & Solar – A thought piece by Dickson Leow (GM of Infinitev)

Hey people! So last week the team at Infinitev and I attended an awesome event in the United Kingdom (UK) called Solar & Storage Live. And, let me just say it’s the place to be if you're a circular economy geek like me.

This year, an estimated 15,000 attendees from all over the globe gathered to share insights and best practices from experts around the globe.  

Here are my 5 practical and top takeaways.  

Trend 1: Power on Demand

Imagine your energy grid was like Spotify—adjusting to your needs whenever you like! The UK's working on that with something they call "responsive power."

Think of it as your playlist but for energy: smart grids that balance the demand and supply requirements of entire cities.

Uk Solar and Battery Summit 2023 attended by Infinitev team

Trend 2: Future is Local

The UK are turning their communities into mini powerhouses, literally! Forget about old-school grids; it’s all about decentralised networks now. If we had these in Australia, bushfires or floods wouldn't knock out our power because we’d be the bosses of our own electricity.

Commercial & Industry Solar Storage Discussion With Thought Leaders Across the EU


Trend 3: EV Life and Solar Love

Electric vehicles and solar energy? Name a more iconic duo; I'll wait. Batteries can store solar energy by day and power your sweet ride by night. So, you can Netflix binge without worrying about your carbon footprint.

New battery storage system that works with EVs

Trend 4: Solar Panels but Make Them Fashionable

The future of Solar Panel technology is incredible, we've got high-efficiency cells, sleek designs, and even bifacial panels that capture light from both sides. Australia, we’ve got so much sun let's use it!

Trend 5: Multi-functional EVs & Battery Storage Systems

The UKs renewable energy landscape, one of the most promising developments is the evolving synergy between EVs and energy storage systems. The concept extends beyond merely using renewable energy for driving; it revolutionises the way we perceive battery storage by making it multi-functional. The future of EV batteries will be a dual purpose: to power the vehicle and to serve as auxiliary energy storage that can be utilised for domestic needs. Incredible!


The Wrap Up!

So, Australia, let’s take some inspiration from our UK friends and ride this renewable wave. 🌊