BATMAN - What's next in the world of BATtery MANagement

The Dark Knight Rises

No, not that Batman. We're taking a look at what's happening in the world of BATtery MANagement policy and regulation. Why, you say? Well, turns out that it may have serious implications for how EV batteries are designed, used, and reused. It stresses the importance of creating a circular economy as one of several key policy measures. 


The short of it

An unprecedented amount of materials will be needed to produce batteries for cars at the pace required to meet the climate targets. The challenge will be to do so without worsening environmental footprints as companies rush to mine and produce these materials.


BATMAN suggest that currently missing demand-side policies could be a powerful tool to limit the amount of materials needed and so mitigate risks of material supply bottlenecks and environmental pressures.

Amongst the most effective interventions, BATMAN propose to:

  1. Encourage the use of smaller vehicles and batteries
  2. Enable the reuse and replacement of batteries in cars
  3. Focus on diversifying the technology portfolio used in batteries
  4. Require the recycling of materials such as phosphorus, silicon, aluminium, graphite, and manganese in addition to the already regulated metals
  5. Invest in resilient public transport and other strategies to reduce overall vehicle ownership

Full brief available here


What about Australia and New Zealand?

Good question. Policy is being developed and often takes inspiration from directives put in place in regions where EV adoption is higher. Think: Norway/EU and California. So what gets adopted internationally often finds its way to our shores. Not to mention that if smaller vehicles become the norm, we will be importing those instead of ever larger trucks. 

At Infinitev we watch this space closely, because it helps us prepare for what's next. Much the same way that we are investing now in establishing scalable ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle EV batteries when they fail in the car. 

zero waste - circular economy for ev batteries


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