BYD hexagonal prism cell patent

Recently, BYD announced a patent for a "hexagonal prism" battery cell. 

BYD hexagonal prism cell design

BYD's hexagonal prism battery cell design



Like 4680 cells, the battery adopts CTC (cell to chassis) technology by integrating the battery cell with the vehicle body, chassis, electric drive, thermal management plus various high and low voltage control modules. 

However, in deviating from the round cylindrical design, the honeycomb structure promotes volume utilisation/energy density (same space, more punch), and structural strength. Higher volume also allows for more electrolyte to be used, thus extending battery life. 


What about EOL?

We like an EV that can go the distance, offer more bang for buck, pack a bigger punch. But where the CTC designs often lack is in the serviceability and repairability of the batteries. Which is totally fine if the vehicle never requires battery servicing, or we don't care about what happens with the battery once it's no longer used in the vehicle. 

We know that's not the right mindset. Extended producer responsibility is real and it's here to stay. We watch this space closely as manufacturers find new ways to make batteries, and how we can innovate to reuse and repurpose them safely.  


Hat tip to @KevinGShang on Twitter