GoAuto News July Edition Showcases Infinitev on its Front Cover

The automotive industry is constantly evolving, with groundbreaking technologies and innovative companies emerging on a regular basis. With its recent feature in the GoAuto News and the establishment of a new facility in New Zealand, Infinitev is rapidly cementing its position as a pioneer in the field of hybid batteries. 

Since launching its innovative second-life battery program in November last year, Infinitev has experienced a surge in domestic demand. The Melbourne facility has already repurposed over 700 battery packs, totaling more than 23,000 modules. The success and strong interest from overseas markets led to the decision to establish the second battery facility in Auckland.

The Auckland facility mirrors the size and output capacity of the Melbourne facility, allowing for a combined battery remanufacturing capacity of 100 units per month. Both facilities are modular, enabling capacity expansion to meet growing demand. Infinitev specialises in reusing or repurposing batteries from hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and pure-electric vehicles, while unviable units and cells are sent for safe and specialised recycling.

Infinitev future plans involve launching plug-and-play energy storage systems using lithium EV batteries that are no longer suitable for vehicles. Developed in partnership with Sustainability Victoria, these systems will provide reliable energy peak shaving, load leveling, and potentially off-grid power supply.

Read more about the NZ launch from GoAuto News.


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